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Thinking about giving up on marriage? We almost did…

At one time our lives were ruled by the pursuit of success, wealth, and status. Life looked great from the outside but then drug addiction, infidelity, bitterness & resentments wrecked everything we built - we almost called it quits! When it looked like we could go on no longer, Jesus restored our marriage! He restored our hurts, healed our hearts, and ignited a passion in us to share His goodness. He can do the same for you too!

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As a natural born hellraiser,

I started in 1983 and didn't stop until 30 something years later. With a red lentil soup story like Esau’s, I traded my spiritual birthright for instant gratification. Hungry for love from years of foster-care, child abuse, neglect, and molestation, I found comfort in the arms of various forms of addictions: food, pornography, drugs, money...whatever I could get my hands on. Until one day, like a leper, Jesus touched me. And although many parts of my life cleaned up instantly, many parts did not. Despite how gritty the struggle may be, my passion is to share gospel truth from an authentic and genuine heart. My hope is to see the abused, confused, afflicted, and addicted reconciled to the heart of God!


with a mouth filled with sass,

I reflect on my childhood and midwest upbringing as both picturesque and pivotal. The first pains I experienced came with the sting of death at the hands of cancer, followed by first-love's heartache that would send me spiraling into years of questioning the true goodness of god and subsequently my identity as a Daughter of God. Looking back over the years of heartbreak, trials and letdowns, I can now see the goodness of his glory every step of the way!