This video is about 10.17.18 The Community Church: Students

This video is about Traits of a Successful Leader pt.1

Bible Study: Acts 22-26, Your struggle is not about you!

This video is about recognizing and submitting to the authority of God. Obedience produces direction!

This video is about being created in the image of our creator. He loves us!

Needs and wants are two separate things. Many will "want" yet few will see their "need" for freedom.

Did you know that the word, “word” means “order?” See how God’s provision works in his word/order!

Testimony at The Village Church: Plano Campus

Testimony at The Community at Lake Ridge Church (@mytcal) young adults event, “The Table.”

This video is about the origin of SUITCASES & FACES

How Jesus Set Me Free From: DRUGS

Focusing on rats get’s you nowhere fast, see why!

A 30,000 helicopter view of sanctification throughout my life!

A Post About (Spiritual) Gratitude that births genuine & authentic adoration for God, His creation, and His children!

This video is about a relationship with a Father-In-Law and The Father

This video is about John 8:36 (Freedom)

This video is about salvation, the ongoing sanctification process, walking in freedom through Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit; condemnation & reconciliation.