Running Ahead of God: I Rescued a Dog

Spring 2014 I did something no soon-to-be wife should ever do without asking her soon-to-be husband.

I rescued a dog.


Bringing our dog count from 1 to 2... Seeing as how our first fur-baby was named after Joshua's childhood favorite musician (Dolly Parton), we promptly named fur-baby number two, Ziggy Stardust

But I mean, look at that face? How could I have said no?! 

SIDE NOTE: Often, Joshua and I will joke how we selected each other in dog form. He, the hyperactive mutt and me the melancholy diva-mastiff. (I find this hilarious, personally!)

Fast forward to today, a couple sets of eaten leather sandals, pee stains and chewed floorboards later and we have a moderately house-trained 2-year-old pup. Don't get me wrong, we love our little Ziggster! He's a cuddle bug, loves to play fetch and tug-of-war and chase birds. What he doesn't love so much is walking on a leash. 



Walking Ziggy is an event. It's a workout all on its own. He's never fully grasped the idea of walking. Harnesses, chains, whistles, growling (yes, I tried that too) - none of it seems to keep him from the inevitable pulling and yanking. 

As we head out the door to the park (or anywhere, really) he knows he gets to go somewhere. His ears perk up, his tail wags and he begins panting with excitement as he lunges forward on his leash. With all gumption, he frantically paws at the ground in rapid succession hoping to propel himself forward. Unable to recognize it doesn't matter how hard he pulls, he continues exerting his energy. Little does he know he's only going to make it as far ahead of me as I let him. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you ever find yourself attempting to run ahead of God? No shame or condemnation here, friend. We all do it! It's all too easy to become quickly deceived into believing our way is faster, better, more efficient, etc.

Recalling a conversation I had with one of my pastors, she offered some wisdom I've clung to for a few years. She said, "I try to wake in the mornings and ask God, 'God, what assignment do you have for me today?"'. What if we all woke up each day and took a moment to earnestly seek where He wanted us to go that day? Instead of hitting the ground running our own direction and trying with all our might to pull God along with us - we could instead fall in line with where He's leading us. The Living word says:

I have seen that every [effort in] labor and every skill in work comes from man’s rivalry with his neighbor. This too is vanity (futility, false pride) and chasing after the wind.
— Ecclesiastes 4:6 AMP

Doesn't that passage remind you of Ziggy and his leash? Chasing after the wind - forcing his way from point A to point B without giving head to his master. Another translation reads: 

One hand full of peaceful repose is better than two fistfuls of worried work - More spitting into the wind.
— Ecclesiastes 4:6 MSG

"Spitting into the wind". Have you ever tried spitting out your car window while you're driving? Yea, you know what happens... When we try to run ahead of God and make our own plans, outside of His will - we may as well be spitting into the wind. He wants more for us! His Word says in Psalm 119:1-8ish (MSG): 

You’re blessed when you stay on course,
    walking steadily on the road revealed by God.
You’re blessed when you follow his directions,
    doing your best to find him.
That’s right—you don’t go off on your own;
    you walk straight along the road he set.

Let's stop pulling on our "leash" and let God surprise
with where He'll lead! 


  1. Read Psalm 25:4-5, James 1:5, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 139: 23-24. Journal about these passages and what God reveals to you through His word.

  2. What is God showing you about His timing and direction, in this season?