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Forsaking Man's Best Friend

I hate admitting negligence towards my dogs because I like to think I would never cause them harm. However, in drug addiction, I was not only negligent, but downright neglectful. Even though it wasn’t intentional, using made me unavailable to many of life’s demands. Bills went unpaid. I failed to show up to functions requiring my presence. I didn’t feed my animals, let alone myself…

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Running Ahead of God: I Rescued a Dog

Spring 2014 I did something no soon-to-be wife should ever do without asking her soon-to-be husband. I rescued a dog. Bringing our dog count from 1 to 2... Seeing as how our first fur-baby was named after Joshua's childhood favorite musician (Dolly Parton), we promptly named fur-baby number two, Ziggy StardustBut I mean, look at that face? How could I have said no?! 

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